The evolution of cloud computing

The initial vision of cloud computing focused on cost reduction begins to expand and we see cases of its use in an innovative way, creating new business or generating business opportunities that the old IT paradigm did not allow. In practice, as the cloud is spreading, the cost-reducing factor will be less important, since companies will be using this model in a natural way, as today we use the client-server. The factors driving the cloud will be flexibility and time-to-market speed, which are key to the highly competitive 21st century scenario.

Creating a new business without building a costly IT infrastructure, having cloud hosting cloud, will open the door to new business, as well as allow existing companies to explore new ideas and products with much smaller investments. Instead of financial capital to finance the infra-technology, the axis of competition will shift to intellectual capital.

How cloud computing affected TI

The role of IT is directly affected by cloud computing. With external providers taking care of the technological infrastructure (in public or even private clouds), IT areas can focus their efforts and energy on innovation, generating new business opportunities. Therefore, IT-free anchor of zero value-added tasks, such as installing a new operating system version or a new database release, will focus on the most important aspects of the business. Professionals of these operational roles will focus on IT providers or large companies that will keep their private clouds indoors.

When will cloud computing change our world for good

These transformations are already occurring. IBM, for example, has helped deploy more than 3,500 private cloud hosting cloud around the world. The IT domain passes from hardware and its ownership to the software world. Cloud actually turns hardware into software. The challenge for the IT field and executives is to be able to adapt quickly to this inevitable transformation and take the lead in the process. Migration from the on premise to the cloud environment is a one-way path, and if IT does not take a strategic and overriding role, the result can negatively affect the business.

But cloud computing adoption has challenges, and IT must clearly understand the risks involved. The examples read in the specialized media are not always valid for all companies. The level of maturity of the organization to adopt cloud computing is a factor of great relevance. Depending on the industry, reactiveness of the business strategy, its market positioning and even the infrastructure available in your country, the pace of cloud adoption will become unique to each company. More details here:

The bottom line

Therefore, the cloud computing adoption strategy must extrapolate IT. It involves the business itself. IT must define the technological architecture, guide the migration, define best practices and policies of adoption and use of the cloud. IT must move from the controller paradigm to the advisor. In fact this new technology came to stay, and from now on we will only see how it grows and grows. Cloud generation is here to stay for good.

Top 5 Cloud Hosting Providers

Cloud or virtual hosting has really taken off within recent years and it’s easy to see why. It’s new and yet there are millions of websites that require this type of hosting. Cloud hosting is going to change the way sites run in a sense. The uptime for the site can be improved and there are of course great storage space available and even downtime can be reduced which is even more important. However, which cloud host providers offer best value for money? Read on to find just five of the top providers available today.

Microsoft Cloud Solutions

Microsoft is one of the world’s biggest computing companies and their Azure cloud platform is one of the top cloud hosting services available today. The way in which Microsoft offers their plans is to simply offer a pay per service. This is technically a pay as you go plan and yet it’s quite affordable. You have the option to pay per hour, per storage transaction or per GB of storage used. However the costs start from ten cents to fifteen cents and there is also a monthly plan available starting from around ten dollars. There are also a few other options available also.

Top 5 Cloud Hosting Providers

I-Cloud Hosting

Another impressive option to consider when it comes to hosting has to be I-Cloud. Now, I-Cloud is quite affordable and it’s popular because of its less costly plans. You are going to be able to get reliable services and cloud hosting is very easy to set up. There are actually a wide variety of services available also with this service which is great. Most users will find this is a useful and highly respectable service as well.

Linode Cloud Servers

This type of hosting service is quite unusual to say the least. Linode Cloud Servers offer a variety of hosting plans for virtual machines. The costs for the cloud host service can vary considerably. However, this is a very popular service and one which is gaining in popularity as well. You are going to find this provider is a top quality provider and one which offers great plans whether you want to spend a lot or very little.

Rack Space

While the costs for this host can be more on the costlier side, it still offers fair value for money. Rack Space is very popular and one of the better known services as well; although you have the option to choose between three plans. You can choose a private, public or hybrid cloud plan. However, if you don’t want an expensive plan you can choose the public plan which is only fifteen dollars a month. This is quite an impressive option for a variety of reasons and this provider is highly sought after. The cloud hosting service is simple to use.

Go Grid Cloud Hosting

Go Grid Cloud Hosting is technically a newer company and yet they’re quite popular and highly sought after too. There are a variety of plans available and you can get plans that suit your budget. You have the ability to get a huge amount of storage space without spending more than necessary. There are great business plans available too. Cloud hosting such as this is impressive. This provider will find it’s a useful solution.

Choose Only the Best

When you are thinking about cloud hosting you have a variety of options available which is both a good and bad thing. In a sense, having the ability to choose from many may allow you to find one which stands out however; it can also be really difficult to narrow the choices down. That is why you have to look at all options available to you and find one which suits your needs. Choosing the right cloud hosting provider is crucial and something you will have to think about carefully also.For more details visit

What You Must Know About the Cloud Hosting Services

Cloud hosting has really become a massive element of the internet today. Ecommerce websites are especially looking to cloud hosting to make their mark on the business world and it’s easy to see why. However, it isn’t just ecommerce or retail websites that are relying on cloud hosting services. For more details read here is a variety of websites that use such services simply because it offers them a service that keeps their ideas flowing easily and to bring in the customers.

Costs and Storage Space

First and foremost, it’s very important to know a cloud host can offer full optimization. Now, this is vastly useful and extremely necessary in modern times too. The reason why is simply because it’s offers an easy way to switch between applications and there is more storage on offer. Also, the costs for cloud hosting are pretty good. This type of hosting isn’t as costly as you might think and it’s easy to get more storage without big costs. There is also pay per use offers too which is very important to know about as it enables users to save more. This will vastly appeal to users worldwide.

What You Must Know About the Cloud Hosting Services

Easy Set-Up and Improved Uptime

Downtime can become quite an issue for most websites and web users. Having lengthy downtimes can affect a site badly especially if users aren’t able to access the site for several hours at a time. However, downtime doesn’t have to be too bad. There are some websites that take four or five hours to take care of the necessary maintenance but smaller sites shouldn’t have this trouble. Also, uptimes can be far more improved which is great. Setting up the website and making the necessary changes can be pretty easy as well. Cloud hosting really is beneficial to say the least.

Why A Cloud Host Should Be Utilized?

Let’s be honest, while cloud computing and hosting are still very much new, they’re such a useful and reliant tool. Is this something you should consider? Well, yes because it offers so much on both sides of the internet. Users can find their applications are far easier to use and businesses can find it brings in the customers too. There are real benefits of this and it’s going to become a solution for future generations. You can actually see a lot positive outcomes and this is certainly something more will want to look into.

Will You Really See A Difference With A Cloud Host?

There are in fact going to be real differences between a traditional web host and a virtual one. Cloud computing is really making a big difference in today’s world and the hosts are changing too. Having a virtual or cloud host will allow most users to gain more storage as well as feel at ease with the platform they are using. You may think there aren’t any real differences between one host and another and yet there is, especially with cloud storage.

Get In The Know

Web hosting is an important element of any website and while you may believe any host will do, that isn’t exactly true or wise. That is why you have to understand a few things about cloud hosting services to be able to get more from your service. Whether you have cloud hosting or are thinking about it, you really need to educate yourself fully on such matters. Cloud hosting is a useful tool and it will be one that keeps your site on its toes.Continue Reading

Do You Know Cloud Computing and Cloud Hosting?

Cloud computing and hosting have only been around for a short number of years and yet it’s gaining in popularity day after day. For the most part, there are many who have heard of the concept but don’t actually know about it. So, what do you need to know about cloud computing and hosting? Read on to find out more.

What Is The Hybrid Cloud Services?

This type of service is more of a combo package. You’re getting something between a private and public cloud and it’s supposed to be the very best of the two sides which is amazing. This type of package allows you to use a wide variety of web applications and is able to secure the data at the same time. For the most part, the hybrid cloud hosting service would be ideal for a business as it offers good protection with usability in mind. There is less downtime and more effectiveness on offer.

Do You Know Cloud Computing and Cloud Hosting?

What Is A Private Cloud Service?

For those who are worried about privacy issues, a private cloud hosting service is the one for you. Any business will find this type of plan to be more than useful. This is for a single customer and one only. It’s totally private and you can manage everything externally which is even better and offers better results too. There are lots of benefits of this including the fact that you aren’t getting any restrictions when it comes to bandwidth and even security matters. You will find this is a secure service and for the most part, it’s very reliable as well.

What Is A Public Cloud Service?

Unlike private clouds, the public cloud is shared by a wide variety of people. This essentially means there are potentially thousands of users or customers in which are using the same cloud. For those who are going to look into the public cloud, they will find that it’s more cost-effective and quite easy to use as well. However, be aware that since its public cloud storage, anything here may not be very well secure. It isn’t always advisable to keep any sensitive info stored on the cloud.

Security Is Always In The Middle Of the Road

Over the last few years, internet security has really taken a beating and that has made more people wary over online cloud storage and computing. However, not all security is at risk. There are many good cloud hosting services that offer a high quality service and while you may be worried about security, it isn’t always a bad thing. However it is something that needs to be addressed fully before opting for this. For the most part however, it’s safe.

More Help Available

Opting for a cloud host might not appear to be something suitable for everyone and yet it’s quite impressive to say the least. Cloud hosting has really taken off within the last few years and it’s certainly going to improve as the years rolls by. Cloud hosts are new but extremely useful and computing is going to offer you so much more.For more detail you can read here about cloud computing

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