Top 5 Cloud Hosting Providers

Top 5 Cloud Hosting Providers

Cloud or virtual hosting has really taken off within recent years and it’s easy to see why. It’s new and yet there are millions of websites that require this type of hosting. Cloud hosting is going to change the way sites run in a sense. The uptime for the site can be improved and there are of course great storage space available and even downtime can be reduced which is even more important. However, which cloud host providers offer best value for money? Read on to find just five of the top providers available today.

Microsoft Cloud Solutions

Microsoft is one of the world’s biggest computing companies and their Azure cloud platform is one of the top cloud hosting services available today. The way in which Microsoft offers their plans is to simply offer a pay per service. This is technically a pay as you go plan and yet it’s quite affordable. You have the option to pay per hour, per storage transaction or per GB of storage used. However the costs start from ten cents to fifteen cents and there is also a monthly plan available starting from around ten dollars. There are also a few other options available also.

Top 5 Cloud Hosting Providers

I-Cloud Hosting

Another impressive option to consider when it comes to hosting has to be I-Cloud. Now, I-Cloud is quite affordable and it’s popular because of its less costly plans. You are going to be able to get reliable services and cloud hosting is very easy to set up. There are actually a wide variety of services available also with this service which is great. Most users will find this is a useful and highly respectable service as well.

Linode Cloud Servers

This type of hosting service is quite unusual to say the least. Linode Cloud Servers offer a variety of hosting plans for virtual machines. The costs for the cloud host service can vary considerably. However, this is a very popular service and one which is gaining in popularity as well. You are going to find this provider is a top quality provider and one which offers great plans whether you want to spend a lot or very little.

Rack Space

While the costs for this host can be more on the costlier side, it still offers fair value for money. Rack Space is very popular and one of the better known services as well; although you have the option to choose between three plans. You can choose a private, public or hybrid cloud plan. However, if you don’t want an expensive plan you can choose the public plan which is only fifteen dollars a month. This is quite an impressive option for a variety of reasons and this provider is highly sought after. The cloud hosting service is simple to use.

Go Grid Cloud Hosting

Go Grid Cloud Hosting is technically a newer company and yet they’re quite popular and highly sought after too. There are a variety of plans available and you can get plans that suit your budget. You have the ability to get a huge amount of storage space without spending more than necessary. There are great business plans available too. Cloud hosting such as this is impressive. This provider will find it’s a useful solution.

Choose Only the Best

When you are thinking about cloud hosting you have a variety of options available which is both a good and bad thing. In a sense, having the ability to choose from many may allow you to find one which stands out however; it can also be really difficult to narrow the choices down. That is why you have to look at all options available to you and find one which suits your needs. Choosing the right cloud hosting provider is crucial and something you will have to think about carefully also.For more details visit

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